Use your tny. account on!

Starting today, you can login with your tny. account on URL shortener. Using your account on has various advantages, including being able to keep track of the short URLs you create in a easier way, as well as being able to edit them without the need for saving their passcode.

If you shorten a link while you’re logged in to your account, it will be automatically added to your link list. You can also add an existing short URL to your link list as long as you know its passcode. You can edit a short link by pressing the edit button from the My Short URLs page, accessible after logging in, by opening the My Account menu on the top right of the page, then selecting My Short URLs. It’s now also easier to know how many links you created and how many times they were visited.

Note that you don’t need to have a tny. account to be able to use all of’s features. All features are available to users without an account, it’s just harder to keep track of the short URLs one creates.

We hope you enjoy this new feature; please contact us if something doesn’t work as expected.

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