Last days for migrating tny. accounts

On February 14, we discontinued the tny. accounts single sign-on service in favor of dotAccount. In practice, this means that dotAccount is now used to sign in to all TNY network websites and services, including the shortener. In order to keep using your account, you must migrate it to the new single sign-on service.

This is a reminder that, as announced on that day, on April 30 the remaining tny. accounts functionality will be shut down. You won’t be able to migrate tny. accounts to dotAccount accounts past this date. On April 30, access to non-migrated accounts will be effectively and permanently lost; in the case of, for example, you will stop being able to manage short URLs in your account.

If you are yet to migrate your account, please migrate it now. You have less than six days left. If you have any questions, you can contact us at the usual email address, admin -at-

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