The TNY network is made of friendly people who are together to make interesting and innovative projects in the area of information technology and multimedia, simultaneously getting more experience in these fields. We are competent and committed to what we do; this network is the home to our side projects, which we take seriously.

We are:

The personal descriptions that follow are the sole responsibility of each member.

gbl08ma on the internet and Gabriel in real life, I’m a young guy that likes developing for the web and for embedded systems like mobile phones, tablets and things like the Raspberry Pi. Also, a lover of the free and open source software movement.
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A very good day, my name is Joris and I’m currently an Aviation Engineering student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My free time is usually occupied by Aviation-related activities and internet related activities. I’m well known with Photoshop and HTML/CSS, however full knowledge of PHP is in progress. Besides all what is told I spend 2+ hours daily in public transport and I would simply die without music.
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Hidden Refuge
Hello! My name is Nevil V. I’m a system/network administrator, webmaster and freelancer. I’m really interested in programming, web development and Linux operating systems (especially servers). I own a few small networks and websites since 2009. I’m here to help out.

Howdy. I’m Humza, also known as Infinity online, as with the others in this project my continued interest in computers and the way technology is developing has always interested me. I got intersted in Virtualization and then website design (HTML/CSS) then PHP, after I could not find a reliable free host I got interested in VPS’s and I now run a web host.

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