HTTP/2 enabled

Today, we enabled HTTP/2 support on most websites of the TNY network – including, dotAccount and Clouttery. HTTP/2 is the latest major revision to the HTTP network protocol, used to access virtually every website. Most up-to-date web browsers already support this protocol, and will use it when accessing our websites through secure connections (HTTPS).

When using HTTP/2, users will notice that pages load a bit faster, especially over slower connections. It will also let us serve more users with the same resources, as HTTP/2 optimizes bandwidth consumption.

This move, together with the efforts to make HTTPS available on our websites, and make them available over IPv6, is part of a series of changes we’ve been making to ensure the best quality of service for our users. It’s possible, however, that the multiple configuration changes are leaving some people in the dark – people using old web browsers, old operating systems or improperly configured internet connections may have trouble accessing our websites. To these people, we recommend upgrading to more recent solutions (from browsers, to operating systems and, if necessary, hardware) to ensure they can remain connected to the world, as more and more websites drop support for obsolete technologies.

Last but not least, let us take this opportunity to wish all of our users a happy 2017.

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