Our Web presence was only made possible thanks to people who sponsored us, advertised our projects or helped in some other way. The least we can do is thank them.

We call “partners” anyone significant to the existence of this group. Our users and clients are our partners too: without them, our work would be useless, and we would have no way to receive feedback and opinions on our work.

All partners are listed in alphabetical order, and this list is probably incomplete. We would like to feature everyone who helped us in some way, from groups and companies to individuals, so if you feel you deserve to be on this list, excuse our discourtesy and warn us.

Companies, groups and brands

  • Anonymous Ads
    Anonymous Ads is our first choice when it comes to advertising our projects and getting revenue from adverts in our websites. Uses Bitcoins, world’s first online cryptocurrency, for payments.
  • Casiopeia
    gbl08ma’s favorite community related to Casio calculators.
  • Cemetech
    Another great community for discussing the development of software for the Casio Prizm calculators.
  • CodeWalrus
    A welcoming community focused on the development of fun software, music and art.
  • DumpYourPhoto
    A now defunct simple and free image hosting service, which used for a long time, for hosting shortened images.
  • FreeVPS
    A long time friend of the TNY network, FreeVPS is a forum for the discussion of virtual servers, obviously focusing on free, sponsored, trial and very cheap offers of virtual private servers. They provided the servers that made our projects possible.
  • MitiHost
    MitiHost sponsored some of our domain names.

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