tny. internet media is no more – long live TNY network!

In an effort to improve our image, today we have gone through the biggest reorganization and rebranding in our history. The tny. internet media group is no more; now, two separate but very close entities exist: Segvault, and the TNY network.

Segvault, a software development group created a few months ago as a spin-off of tny. internet media, becomes the copyright holder of all of the existing tny. internet media works. All resources, like servers, domain names and transactionable goods, are now property of Segvault.

The TNY network is the home to all Segvault projects, plus other projects not owned by tny. internet media, but that were otherwise part of the group, like CPUVInf. The intention is to grow this network past the existing websites and projects, leaving the ownership situation more clear for all.

With this change, which was prepared in the last couple of months, we also made ourselves more marketable and literally more pronounceable. Should there be any doubts, the letters in “TNY” are to be spelled separately, and “Segvault” should be pronounced as a single word.

What are the changes to project funding and revenue sources?

The shortener is, more than ever, the main source of revenue. Currently, all other sources of revenue are negligible, so there are no changes here.

Previously, the proceedings from the operation would be managed by tny. internet media; now, they are going to be managed by Segvault, as it now owns Segvault will use them, the ABB (Accumulated Bitcoin Buffer), and eventually personal contributions of its members, to finance operational expenses of the TNY network, as well as all the Segvault projects. Projects that are part of the TNY network but not owned by Segvault may apply to use some of this revenue and/or have access to ABB funding.

How does this affect existing services and projects?

With the exception of some renaming and minor graphical changes, everything stays the same. The shortener will use the old tny. internet media branding; it is now exclusively used for

Segvault is currently concentrating its efforts in migrating services using the old tny. accounts Single Sign-On service to the more modern dotAccount; in some months, this service should be available for all the websites of the TNY network to use as they will, preferably as their main authentication method.

Certain existing projects, such as Casio Prizm add-ins, were not and will not be updated to the new branding and copyright situation. In these, depending on the context (i.e., whether expressing rights to them or not), “tny. internet media” should read “Segvault” (if expressing rights) or “TNY network” (if expressing affiliation or for marketing purposes).

Final words

We believe these changes represent an important step in the history of our projects. Everyone will finally be able to present the home to their projects without the need to explain how to pronounce its name. The age of names forcefully tailored to a domain name is over, as it well should and long ago. The changes also make it easier for people to join the TNY network and/or Segvault, and still clearly hold the full rights to their creations if they so wish.

If you have any questions, concerns or otherwise want to give your feedback, feel free to do so below or through the usual means. Long live TNY network!

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